Jay Beichman


Location: Brighton

Qualifications: M.A. Counselling Studies, Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling, CRUSE bereavement counselling, Primary Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, TA101 Transactional Analysis, Certificate in Life Coaching, Specialist Training in Primary Care Counselling, Voice Dialogue Facilitator Training Level 1, 2 and 3


Accrediting Professional Body: Accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Method of Working: The basis of my work is in humanistic therapies that looks towards the creativity, love and the tendency towards growth that is in everyone. My method places emphasis on what is “right” about us rather than what is “wrong”

The belief that we all need to feel a sense of fulfilment and a continuous growing allows for a form of therapy that can go beyond “getting over the past” or merely “coping”. We are always in a “process” of becoming so a therapist working humanistically does not look to “diagnose” a person as a static entity but rather to work with the processes helping or hindering a person being or becoming him/herself.

However, I do work integratively and pluralistically meaning that I use different approaches depending on what works for the client and how the client wants to work. I am aware of psychodynamic theory which can e very useful for understanding childhood and adolescent issues and I have trained in C.B.T. which offers more pragmatic therapeutic techniques to help clients overcome particular problems.

Client Group: Adults ; Groups for Adults focussing on Personal Development in the areas of building confidence, assertiveness and communication skills

Professional Background: I have worked for the Brighton Housing Trust in their mental health projects as a Mental Health Project Worker. As well as being a counsellor/therapist I am a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Brighton for the Humanistic Therapeutic Counselling Postgraduate Diploma and for the Undergraduate Human Psychology Course.